In at least one state, prosecutors and law enforcement officials are bravely trying to figure something out.

At issue is whether or not sex crime laws that ensnare 17-year-olds sending pictures of their boobs or their wee-wees to each other are a good idea or perhaps one of the most poorly thought out criminal justice initiatives since “Cop Rock.”

In another bizarre web-crime deal-thing, people are facing criminal charges for using the wrong emojis.

For the uninitiated, emojis are those little smiling/winking/laughing cartoon faces everyone attaches at the end of a sentence or an email because, well, they just can’t help themselves.

Who knows, maybe soon even drawing a shape that looks like a gun will be an arrestable offense.



We weren’t prosecuted (maybe spanked) for playing “doctor” in our day. Kids today can just do it electronically. As long as there’s no victimization or complaint, let’s use our cybercrime skills for purveyors of child porn and other such criminals and deniants.

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