Hell-Bent on Gutting Your Pension


A proposed ballot measure in California would reduce pension payments for state and local government employees in the nation’s biggest state.

And guess who is behind the scheme—former San Diego Councilman Carl DeMaio and former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed! We knew they would be back, and they are. They will try to tap the same sense of unease that led voters in those cities to approve pension-cutting plans for city workers in 2012 and apply it on a much bigger scale. Supporters say pension liabilities will keep libraries closed, potholes unfilled and deprive taxpayers of basic public services—all of which are untrue.

The measure would extend to state, county, and city employees in California, as well as public schools, public universities and other local boards and agencies. It will face spirited opposition from teachers, law enforcement, fire service, and other people who work for state and local governments providing important public services.

Here’s the scary part: The proposal would require voter approval for any defined benefit for new hires and pension increases for existing workers. It also says voters would have to allow the government to cut pensions or contribute more than half of an employee’s retirement costs.

Read the rest of the article and make sure everyone at your union or association is fighting this measure. And if you think you don’t have to worry, guess again. It happens in California first and then moves east. If they can push this through in that state, everyone’s pension is vulnerable.


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