Where’s the Outrage?


Henderson County (NC) Sheriff Charles McDonald recently asked the question in a post on his official Facebook page.

Not on Facebook? Here’s a transcript:

Law Enforcement officers are being gunned down with such regularity that it seems to hardly cause a stir anymore. Since January, cops are being killed or wounded at an alarming rate and there doesn’t seem to be any unified outrage.


No DOJ studies as to why that is happening and what communities can do to lessen the risk for the police. Instead, the DOJ and countless uninformed or sadly, woefully ignorant activist organizations are blaming law enforcement.


Here is a sad truth. Many people seem to play the victim card to justify their anger, their lack of respect for authority or the rule of law, and their intolerance of any speech or ideas that they find offensive. The media it seems,is only too happy to oblige any false narrative that fans the flames of such ignorant ideology. The result?


American law enforcement officers are becoming victims every day as they are shot while confronting violent criminals, or sitting in their vehicles, a coffee shop, or just walking out of their offices to go to work to serve and protect.


These men and women have families who need them. They care about their communities, they love their families and they face each day knowing that they may not return home at the end of shift, and yet they continue to uphold the oath they took.


Where is the outrage? Who will stand for the keepers of the peace and the rule of law? When did becoming a deputy or a police officer make ones’ life less valuable or more expendable than that of other citizens?


America; these are the very ones who bleed to keep you safe at home. How long will you look the other way?


Please join me in covering these men and women every day in prayer and voicing our support and gratitude for what they do to make our lives safer.



It seems that groups seeking media attention to rally inert objects toward riots are named “Matter.”

That other group, they really don’t matter and they just haven’t figured it out yet.

The complicity of the main stream media, or leftist propaganda media, in fostering the brainwashing of ignorant, disaffected young people to believe the myth of racist police murdering minorities makes them culpable in the deaths of police officers. The role of leftists in government and society is significant as well. In fact these groups coordinate their efforts toward increasing racial division and civil unrest.
I see them as domestic terrorists who use the threat of civil unrest and violence to force local governments to decriminalize crime, and make other concessions. I think that capitulating to the leftists and anarchists is a deadly mistake. We the people must stand together with our law enforcement officers and demand our representatives back them up instead of throwing them under the bus. The silent majority MUST NOT be silent regarding this issue.

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