VIDEO: Back the Blue!


We had a special #BlueFriday today on the show. In studio I was joined by Jake Pluta and his family. Jake is a Wayne Hills High School football star and he was chosen as today’s honoree because of his dedication to honoring law enforcement in the face of so much negativity in the main stream media.


Jake proudly marched onto the field at the start of a game carrying the “Thin Blue Line” flag. He told me about he and his family’s respect for all members of law enforcement and the need to stand up for vets and cops as they do the heavy lifting to keep us safe and secure.


It was an honor to meet this young man and talk about how, despite having to pick a school for next year, he was focused on how he could help honor those who stand up for us. There’s a line between civilization and savagery. That line is Blue.


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