VIDEO: He Earned It

The issue of cops in schools is not without controversy.

There have been viral videos where school resource officers have not exactly been on the receiving end of praise for the way certain situations are handled.

But like almost everything else these days, the negative stuff tends to trend and get shared on social media (which is now how people get their “news”), while the positive stuff is largely ignored.

In Brentwood, California, there’s a high school cop known to the students as “Officer Mitch.”

Officer Mitch Brouillette is the kind of guy you hope and pray is around, should your kid need help or get in trouble.

And the students were so appreciative of everything that this dedicated cop does for them they decided to show their appreciation by surprising the officer with a tribute video and some gifts.

One of the things that makes public safety such a challenge is that we don’t have very sophisticated systems to make sure the right personnel are in the right positions.

But sometimes you get lucky. And that’s how these kids feel about their buddy and mentor, Officer Mitch.

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