Horry County law enforcement team up for community outreach

Creating better relationships between police officers and their community, that’s the focus for the Community Law Enforcement Appreciation Committee.

Saturday afternoon, law enforcement agencies from across Horry County took part in the community outreach, teaching kids that they’re friends not to be feared.

“I’m a retired officer from Baltimore City, 31 years, we need to have a clear understanding between police and kids that we’re not their enemy that we’re there for them and to help them,” said Rev. George Swift.

For retired officers like Smith, outreach programs like these bring a smile to his face, including Air Force Veteran, Paul Juliano, whose father was a retired New York police officer.

“They’re humans just like all of us, we’re all one in the same, we’re all people and we all need to be treated like people,” said Juliano.

Law enforcement across Horry County said outreach is about much more than educating people about public safety, it’s also about educating them about the importance of community throughout the county.

“It’s great for our relationship with each other and what I’m trying to do as we invest ourselves in the community,” said Conway Police Chief, Dale Long.

Invested fathers like TJ Smith have noticed, teaching his daughters to never fear an officer and knows each day they put their lives on the line to protect.

“We need to thank them and make sure our kids respect that,” said Smith.

“To hear that Dad say that is very complementary and shows how he views law enforcement and his views will go to his daughters and family, that you can trust the police when you’re in trouble,” said Chief Long.

If you missed out on this weekend’s event the Law Enforcement Appreciation Committee will be partnering up with the Surfside Police Department this fall for another community outreach.

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