You’ve Got Mail


There are a couple of ways to spot a really hard worker.

The first is by observing a person and coming to the conclusion that they are, in fact, working hard.

The other way to tell if someone’s a hard worker is that they will insist on getting paid for their hard work.

Which is why a story out of Texas has some folks scratching their heads.

According to multiple reports, Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland has fired a veteran officer after an unusual ticket-writing scheme was uncovered.

Officer David Carter, on the force since 2002, says he “paced” alleged speeders while off-duty in his personal vehicle.

Without making any stops, while in his personal vehicle and off-duty, Carter would then send drivers speeding tickets via certified mail.

Needless to say, the city wasn’t going near this thing, no matter how long the hypothetical pole.

“I do not believe the citizens had any knowledge of the citations. Therefore, I did not think it was in the interest of justice to prosecute the cases and asked that all of the citations be dismissed,” said Randy Zamora, Criminal Law Division Chief with the City Legal Department.


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