Not Going Well


The Hudson Police Officers Union is firing back with a strong message after the mayor and police commissioner’s order regarding ICE agents.


The order restricts Immigration and Customs Agents from using Hudson Police resources unless it’s required by law.


The police union issued a statement saying they disagree with the order and believe it’s a political move. The union also says the order limits the ability for officers from doing their job.


The Columbia County Sheriff issued this statement:


“I don’t make the laws and I don’t issue policies to inhibit enforcement of laws; be they local, state, or federal. That said, I do have some say over what the enforcement priorities of my department will be. We have no plans to go out and target immigration violations, but we also will not refuse to cooperate with, or deny access to, our federal law enforcement partners who are charged with prosecuting these and other very serious offenses. ICE is responsible for a whole host of enforcement, including immigration violations, human smuggling, transnational gang activity, cybercrimes, and human rights violations. I think it’s best if we set politics aside and focus on the safety and well-being of our citizens.”


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