A Message of Thanks

Preparing for Irma, I am proud to be a part of our law enforcement family

By John Rivera, President, Dade County PBA

I am sending this message to you as we await the wrath of Irma. As of right now, Monroe County (ours) has been ordered to evacuate every first responder. The Florida keys are expected to be devastated the likes we have never seen before. A little further north (Miami-Dade County) will be suspending all emergency services sometime tomorrow and our local airports will be closed until further notice. The picture to the right are some volunteers (angels) who braved intense heat over four days to board up and secure over a thousand homes of law enforcement officers so they can work through the storm and serve the public.

Southeast Florida coasts (both sides)will be pounded first and heavily beginning Saturday evening.
It is expected to last through Sunday evening. The storm will travel northbound and the intensity will diminish somewhat but not greatly, at least until it gets to the middle to upper portion of our state.

I cannot express my personal gratitude for the overwhelming well wishers. I love the network of brotherhood and sisterhood we belong to and I’m proud to be part of it.

This will test our resolve but I will do my very best to care for as many as I possibly can.
We have located many family members for officers who have family here but sadly we are unable to continue to do so as we are hunkering down (putting our heads between our legs).

Thank you all and I love each of you for your concerns.

God Bless.

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