Inmates send sheriff heartfelt letter honoring slain police officer

A group of Georgia inmates penned a heartfelt letter to police in support of law enforcement in the wake of the death of of a Gwinnett County officer.

Officer Antwan Toney was killed in the line of duty Oct. 20.

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office posted the handwritten letter to its Facebook page Friday.

The identities of the Gwinnett County inmates have been redacted, but the letter is addressed to Sheriff Butch Conway and written “on behalf of myself and a number of fellow prisoners who are currently serving time.”

“I wish to extend condolences to officer Toney’s family and the G.C.S.O. (Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office) as a whole,” it reads. “This was a tragic incident that never should have occurred. And though law enforcement and criminals may be considered opposites, the intrinsic value of a human life transcends those boundaries by far.”

The letter goes on to thank all police officers, military personnel and first responders.

“Your service and sacrifice make the world a better place for all,” it reads.

The letter appears to be signed by at least 20 inmates, though the Sheriff’s Office withheld their names to protect their privacy.

In a Facebook post, the Sheriff’s Office said it shared the letter because it is “deeply appreciative of this act of kindness from these men.”

“Sheriff Butch Conway received a heartfelt letter from the most unlikely group of citizens expressing their sorrow at our loss and their support of law enforcement,” the Facebook post reads. “The return address on the envelope is our own because the letter was sent by a group of inmates currently housed in our jail.”

Toney was 30 years old when he was gunned down last month. His killer was shot and killed by police.

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