Advertisers regularly ask about our editorial calendar, and the quick answer is that we don’t have one, as such. May is not “boot month,” for example. We’re a news and information magazine, and, just as Time or Newsweek magazines don’t have editorial calendars, neither do we.

Having said all that, below is the emphasis or focal points for 2018 issues. Your advertising, every month, will be in a magazine that has items of interest to all law enforcement officers – every town, city, state and county and all ranks and assignments. Not every month has a “theme,” but every issue will be filled with timely, interesting and Important news directed at law enforcement. Our editorial mission is to “inform, inspire and entertain the hard working men and women of this profession.”

American Police Beat editorial schedule for 2018:

January: National Sheriff’s Association Winter Conference. SHOT Show Special Issue. Cities of Fresno CA, Atlanta, GA and many others distribute their semi-annual equipment disbursement checks totaling nearly $1 million dollars per agency.

February: Supreme Court reports and analysis; communications and pursuit policy decisions. Role of technology in law enforcement; emphasis on product awareness.

March: Coverage of National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the National Law Enforcement Museum; labor and management issues pertaining to law enforcement.

April: Police Union Leadership Seminar, Harvard University. APB hosts a three-day seminar at Harvard Law School for the presidents of the police associations of the 50 largest cities in the US and Canada. Past speakers have included U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

May: Police Week Special Issue with 5,000 bonus copies distributed in Washington DC at ceremonies attended by more than 20,000 officers and their families.

June: Ongoing editorial coverage of the issues of greatest concern including policies and best practices for body cameras, is the de-escalation craze helping or hurting, solutions to the recruitment crisis, numerous controversies surrounding law enforcement and social media, especially Facebook, and lots, lots more.

July: For many municipalities their fiscal year begins on July 1. That’s when tens of thousands of agencies allocate their funds so brand awareness is critical at this time a year making thesummer months strategically important to get your message out there.

August: Very important month to advertise. Fiscal year budgets have been funded making late summer and fall  a very active buying time for both officers and agencies. Most important to have your message out there during this month.

September: Fiscal Year budget planning issue. Emphasis on product awareness and new product promotion; full coverage of new gear on APB website.

October: Special IACP issue. We guarantee that every American chief of police will receive a copy of American Police Beat before the convention begins. Bonus copy distribution at convention.

November: Many agencies issue their annual uniform allowance and other equipment checks during the month of November. Average check is $1000 per officer so it’s a great time to get your message out to our approximate 220,000 readers.

December: Annual equipment disbursement checks for NYPD sworn personnel and other agencies. In New York City 35,000 officers will receive $1,500 each. That’s more than $60 million available to purchase gear, equipment, uniforms and other apparel.


Cynthia Brown, Publisher
American Police Beat
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