Our unique circulation strategy pays off for our Advertisers

apb_chiefs_adWe are the only publication that is delivered to the leaders of all of the 23,000 plus town, city, county and state law enforcement agencies in the country. The chief reads it and then leaves it out in the roll call room for his officers to read. That means your message is delivered to every agency in the nation.

Keep in mind that 15,000 copies of our 55,000 plus press run are distributed to a rotating list of law enforcement supply stores, training academies and roll call rooms of agencies with 100 or more sworn officers where they create a large audience of new readers every month. Those lists which were developed exclusively by American Police Beat are available at no charge to our program advertisers.

Assuming 4 readers per copy that’s an additional audience of 60,000 NEW readers every month, or 720,000 each year. This is just one more reason to make sure you advertise in American Police Beat every month.

We conservatively guestimate that 220,000 people read each issue. There is a huge pass along factor with American Police Beat. We even heard one story where 19 cops chipped in a dollar each and share one subscription (costs $17 for one year). Crazy but true.