Internets Love Kitties


For most law enforcement agencies, a departmental Facebook page is a great way to promote the good work that cops do as well as keeping the public informed.

But as anyone with a Facebook page knows, keeping people’s attention is the hard part in terms of page views, likes, and all other sorts of web metrics.

In Delaware, the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office recently figured out how to make their Facebook page a hit with the public.

The technique in question isn’t complicated. It’s just brillaint.

It turns out that anything that has do with cats (or dogs and other kinds of animals) is almost guaranteed to double your page’s traffic.

So, the agency simply decided to Photoshop cats into various images that get posted.

“When you post positive information and people hit the ‘like’ button, it comes up in their news feed,” Cpl. Michael Kalinsky said. “So when we post wanted photos or seeking info on suspects, we get more responses.”


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