It’s Working


While there’s been a lot of consternation and confusion about the law enforcement response—or lack thereof—to the non-standoff in Oregon, it’s hard to argue with the results.

Considering the fact that the occupiers of the federal bird sanctuary are pissed off, lonely, and armed to the teeth, maybe a hands-off approach is the best way to go after all.

“Fluffy Unicorn” (that’s the guy’s code name, or whatever) is a volunteer “Bundy bodyguard.”

“Fluffy” was recently busted in Arizona on outstanding warrants. The guy’s apparently got a lot of DUIs.

But his arrest was just the first domino to tumble.

According to NBC News: “Oregon police on Friday for the first time arrested a man in connection with the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge, apprehending a member of the group over two stolen government vehicles, authorities said. Oregon State Police arrested Kenneth Medenbach, 62, outside a Safeway (need more Freedom Lunchables!) in Burns and recovered two U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service vehicles that were reported stolen.”

Another Bundy bro, this one from California, wrecked his van on an icy road and was taken into custody for driving without a license.

It’s not at all hard to understand why these guys hate the government. They’re literally ending their own sad siege by getting arrested—practically once a day.

Could this be the end for #YallQaeda?

There’s even a computer nerd that’s a supporter of ISIS (it’s just a joke, the kid says) on the scene to help the guys hack the evil government computers.

Now, not every situation calls for the same approach.

But so far, the strategy of ignoring these guys—or arresting them when they present themselves all gift-wrapped like—appears to be a rock solid way to keep people calm, and more importantly, to keep people from getting shot and or killed.


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