Judge Hates Deputy’s Emails


No matter how many police officers get jammed up after sending racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content across “social media,” some people just don’t seem to get it.

One would think after seeing so many of their colleagues take a hit after having their emails, tweets, and status updates become public fodder, officers might be a little more selective about what they send and post online.

But in Jefferson County, Kentucky, a district judge says a sheriff’s deputy continues to send her emails loaded with offensive material, despite her continued complaints against him.

According to WDRB, “A local judge has repeatedly complained that a high-ranking Jefferson County sheriff”s deputy was sending offensive and sexually explicit messages to her from his personal and government email accounts.

But two years after District Judge Stephanie Burke first raised concerns about the conduct of Major Gerald Bates, there is no evidence Jefferson County Sheriff John Aubrey took any action, including launching an investigation.

The deputy in question says he has no memory of sending the emails and suggests that someone else at the office might have used his email account.


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