Join the Cause for LEO Safety!


Don’t Strip Law Enforcement of the Gear They Need to Stay Safe!

The National Sheriff’s Association is launching a campaign to stop the White House from implementing the ban on 1033 excess equipment and imposing new restrictions on firearms, ammunition and other items we use daily to keep citizens safe.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Sign and share their petition
  • Promote on social media
  • Send photos, videos or news reports of your folks using 1033 equipment to save and protect citizens
  • Post examples on social media and alert local media on the dire ramifications of losing these items
  • Host a news event with your 1033 equipment as the backdrop – and tell your story of how this equipment is saving and protecting citizens
  • Work with your state sheriffs’ associations and NSA to contact Congress and the Administration to plead their case

CLICK HERE for more info.


Goverment must not be allowed to impose any ban on equipment or to impose restrictions on firearms, ammunition and other items used by Law Enforcement to keep officers and the public safe. Go after the criminals, they do not adhere to restrictions. Fight fire with fire.

Police do not need tanks, bayonets, or ammunition/weapon above .50 cal. Law enforcement is not the military and should not be equipped as such…ever. Police have far too many of these types of weapons already.

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