Cop Gets Fired


WESTERN WASHINGTON — A King County Sheriff’s deputy has been fired for “abusing” authority and spraying pepper spray on a homeless person’s belongings, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.


Former Deputy Derek DeZiel admitted to putting pepper spray on a homeless man’s water bottle in an attempt to clear out an encampment in Fall City in November 2016, according to internal documents obtained by KING 5.


In the recorded investigation, DeZiel said there was a person that was living under the bridges, and he wanted to send a message to the homeless man that he wasn’t welcome there.


“I put a little squirt of pepper spray on the end of a water bottle to deter him from coming back,” DeZiel said. “He’s going to touch it. He’s going to understand that he’s no longer welcome here, and he won’t be under the bridges anymore.”


Click the link for video and interview.


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