Last Chance! Train with Active Duty Navy SEALs/SWCCs


The Gracie Academy would like to announce an exceptional opportunity for U.S. Law Enforcement officers! October 10-14, 2016 the US Navy SEALs/SWCCs will be opening their doors for U.S. based Law Enforcement officers. This is a rare opportunity to train with active duty Navy SEALs/ SWCCs on their base in Coronado.

The Navy SEALs/SWCCs will be hosting the Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) Level 1 instructor certification course. The GST system is a revolutionary defensive tactics system that utilizes time-tested techniques that are easy to apply, designed to reduce liability from excessive force allegations and are applicable to CQB/Room Clearing/ High Risk Entry scenarios (CLICK HERE for more information about the GST system). Additionally, participating LEOs will have the unique opportunity to exchange ideas with the SEAL and SWCC operators.

IMPORTANT: For National Security Reasons, this course is restricted to U.S. Military and Law Enforcement Personnel only. Non-U.S. inquiries are not authorized to attend this event due to the fact that this course is being conducted at a restricted U.S. Navy SEAL training compound.

Registration deadline is 9/2/16; however, this event is sure sell out quickly. Don’t wait—register today!

CLICK HERE to register for the Full Certification, or CLICK HERE to register for Re-Certification.

Special thanks goes out to Spiro Demetriadi of Triadi, Inc., for all of his work in arranging this opportunity.

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