Law enforcement officers square off in Second Annual Faceoff for the Fallen Officers

DENVER – Hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country came to Denver to watch the Second Annual Faceoff for the Fallen Officers at the Avs game on Saturday.

There were several tributes to law enforcement officer who were killed or injured in the line of duty.

Crystal McCoy with the Brotherhood for the Fallen and Colorado Hero Foundation said, “Both organizations are committed to supporting anyone in line of duty deaths. We also support our injured officers locally as well. This is an incredible show of support from our hometown athletes. It’s unlike any other to be perfectly honest with you. We are so lucky to be working with the Avalanche. They are so supportive, not just of our organizations, but of law enforcement as a whole.”

This was a fundraiser for the two Colorado non profit organizations. McCoy said, “We are dedicated to honoring officers who have given their lives in the line of duty, so it’s very important for us to take a moment and be able to remember their sacrifice, their life and everything they stood for.”

A Cherry Hills Village Police Officer who was shot in the line of duty last August was one of the heroes of the game.

Officer Cory Sack said, “Progressing day by day, trying to heal. Healing is not very quick. Actually today is one of the best days I’ve had in a while, as far as the pain goes.” Thursday was his first day back on the job. He said, “I’m going just 4 hours a day to test the water and get in the swing of things.”

Officer Sack got to go behind the scenes before the game, and even got to ride on the Zamboni. He told the driver, “I got shot back in August so they wanted me to come out. I got hit once in the leg and once in the ankle.”

Officer Sack was responding to a call of a home invasion one night in August when shots started flying.

He told FOX31’s Deborah Takahara he’s been anxious to go back to work so he can give back to the community that has been so supportive. He said, “It’s been really hard for me to receive in this time because I’m a giver, that’s what I found out. So I`m ready to give back to the community and serve the community.”

This group wants the public to recognize that law enforcement officers are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, who won’t forget how a community can come together when the worst happens.

Crystal McCoy, “One of the reasons we do these community events is to try to humanize law enforcement. We`re more than just a badge, we’re more than just a uniform. This gives us our big blue family a chance to get together, but also to interact with the community and so they can see us as humans”

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