Louisiana police department rewards child who properly parked toy car

Police were patrolling the Groves Development when officers saw a child had properly parked their toy car next to what they called, “the big boy vehicles.”

The officers went back to the department to print off a parking ticket for the child.

The ticket read:

“You did a great job parking and we appreciate it! Keep up the good work!”

Your friends, Shift 1.

The officers even went the extra mile and filled the child’s car with toys.

Covington Police Chief Tim Lenz praised the officer’s efforts to make the child’s day.

“Last night while patrolling the Groves Development, officers found a young resident had parked his vehicle properly next to the big guys vehicles. So they did what we do best, they went back to the office, typed a note and returned to the vehicle and loaded it up with goodies and a nice little note.

Keep up the good work shift 1!!!”

Chief Lenz

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