VIDEO: Cops, Dogs, and Veterans

At the Portland, Maine Police Department, officers are training service dogs to help combat vets deal with the debilitating impact of post-traumatic stress disorder.

For those suffering from PTSD, daily life can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Thankfully, thanks to the excellent training the service dogs get from Portland cops, these amazing animals can make all the difference for a suffering veteran.

Politicians have been talking about “fixing the V.A.” for decades but nothing ever seems to happen.

But it’s nice to know that some people care and are doing what they can to help.


Is there any place out there that will help medically retired LEO’s find Service K9’s? I’ve had folks trying to look but not with any luck as of yet. Might as well as about this as well, finding help in filing a claim with the federal PSOB program? I think its hard pressed to say the process is user friendly, needing to hire seems like it’s going to be costly especially going thru all of this paperwork with no idea about being successful……….. as if it’s designed to be so cumbersome to prevent cops from making a claim……….. thank you for any suggestions!!

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