VIDEO: Now That’s Teamwork

Thanks to a drug called Narcan, a drug that can be administered by non-medical professionals that reverses the effects of a heroin overdose, police officers are preventing overdose deaths like never before.

Not everyone is equipped with the life-saving gear, but that didn’t matter in Maine recently when a State Trooper and a good samaritan saved the life a man who was overdosing.

In the video of the stop and save, we can clearly see Maine State Trooper Douglas Cropper quickly making the determination that the driver needed CPR immediately.

He gets the victim out of the car and starts compressions as Leon Chick, an emergency room nurse who was driving by, stopped to help.

The two men they saved the life of the driver as well as likely saving more lives that could have been snuffed out as the result of a crash due to impaired operation.


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