Everything Is Facebook

Via Cleveland’s FOX Channel 8 News:

PARMA, OH — A Parma resident filed a federal civil rights complaint alleging that Parma, two of its police officers, and an as-yet-unidentified law-enforcement agent at the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force violated his First Amendment right to criticize police.


Attorney Subodh Chandra, filed the suit on behalf of Anthony Novak (pictured above).


The complaint alleges that in March 2016 Novak was arrested ” for criticizing the Department’s insensitivity to racial injustice, officer qualifications, and other issues of public concern.”


Novak had created a fake Parma police Facebook page.


Police said the Facebook page popped up on March 2.


Lt. Kevin Riley said the police department worked with officials at Facebook to determine who was involved in creating the page.


The real Parma police Facebook page is called “City of Parma Police Department” and is listed as a police station and government organization.


The fake account was also using “City of Parma Police Department,” but the URL includes “The” before it.


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