VIDEO: $10 Coffee?

Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to get a good cup of coffee.

In the old days, things were simple. You’d walk into a coffee shop or a Dunkin’ Donuts-type joint and say, “lemme get a small coffee, a little milk and two sugars.”

It would cost you maybe a buck, tops.

But these days, ordering a cup of joe at some places is so complicated, you need to learn a new language just to place your order.

Maybe something like “half-caf, soy, organic pumpkin spice Arabica bean machiatto—double foam!”

Ten minutes and $8 later, the kid behind the counter hands you a hot milkshake with a very small amount of coffee in it.

This is true across the pond, too. And McDonald’s UK has a great commercial about these hipster coffee spots that take themselves waaaaay too seriously.

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