On Second Thought…

Pills on a person's palm

The United States is home to the most heavily drugged population in human history—and we’re not talking “illicit narcotics” here either.

In fact, we take so many prescription medications that it’s not only one of the leading causes of death for Americans, we also have so much medication in our urine that it shows up in the water supply.

With so many entirely legal drugs out there, someone recently had a bright idea.

Why don’t we put big post office boxes at law enforcement agencies so people can discard their unwanted or unused prescription medication?

What could go wrong, right?

Unfortunately, some folks can’t resist the temptation of that unsecured and gigantic box of free pills. Who knows what’s even in there? It could be worth a fortune.

For more on this, search for an article entitled “Police chiefs accuse Ohio sheriff of posing as DEA rep to steal drugs from their departments.”

Needless to say, this makes the so-called war on drugs and increasingly tough sell as Americans evolve on drug policy.



I was an Oakland (CA) officer and I freceived a serious spinal/b one injury in 1973. The ER doctors started me, on day one, on codeine tabs of 10mg, but that’s increased over 38 years. Then, a new “pain Dr.” detoxed me and charted a course of a once-per-week pain patch Suboxone (also a narcotic but it works using a different mechanism than do the morphine-type pills). SubOx attaches to different “neuro-transmitters” than the morphine substances to which our medical profession resorts – in way too many cases. After 40 years I was “addicted” to Oxycodone and I had NO pain relief at all from narcos. Many of our “Blue Bloods” may be using a “pain medicine” that leads to their own downfall – narco addiction. After LE I became a college/Academy instructor, then an attorney in 2 states. Until I retired-retired in 2010. Anyone with this growing addiction should speak to their medics about “SUBOXONE” – not sure if it beats down all pain, but it works on torn muscles, tissues, bone and nerve pain (yes, even neuralgia and others). Don’t get addicted, it’s never ending until you find that “off ramp.”

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