VIDEO: She’s Clearly a Spy!

Some people are really into the Pledge of Allegiance.

Others, not so much.

In Miami, the head of a local police union is calling into question the character and allegiances of an assistant Miami Police Chief, alleging that she “refused to salute” the American flag during a recent ceremony.

The head of the Miami police union is seeking disciplinary action against the assistant police chief after she refused to salute the American flag while in uniform during a promotional ceremony.

Sgt. Javier Ortiz, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, wants Assistant Chief Anita Najiy removed from her position as honor guard commander.

“If she isn’t loyal to the United States of America, what country is she loyal and allegiant to?” Ortiz wrote in a testy letter to the chief of police.

“What makes you think she does not have allegiance just because of a physical action?” asked Local 10’s Glenna Milberg.

“Because she is denouncing the United States in full police uniform, and she is making a political statement by wearing that uniform,” Ortiz said.

So, is this a big deal, or much ado about nothing? Post your comment below.



I am a U.S. Marine Military Police Officer on inactive duty, as well as a retired City Police Officer from the North Shore of Chicago. I don’t think this Assistant Chief of Police could have been more obvious of her Disregard for the U.S. Flag than this Video shows. I also noticed that one of her Coworkers from the far end of the first rank was a bit hasting in lowering his hand from his heart before the Pledge was completed. That being said, I believe she should be removed from her position until she can show leadership, not disrespect, to the Department!

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