Pensions for Retired Troopers Under $16K


No, you are not seeing things. Close to 100 Michigan State Troopers who retired 20 to 30 years ago may soon get their annual pensions raised to $16,000 a year.

The Michigan Senate unanimously approved two bills June 17 to adjust the pensions, sending them to the House for consideration.

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Al Pscholka says he plans to examine the bills closely before sending them to the House floor.

The Stevensville Republican tells The Detroit News they’re “probably not going to be a top priority.”

Sen. Mike Nofs is a retired trooper himself and says the guaranteed minimum brings the retirees above the poverty level. The Battle Creek Republican says the troopers weren’t covered by Social Security and “this is their Social Security.”

So, the next time you hear people complaining that police get lavish pensions, just tell them about these retired Michigan State Troopers whose total annual pension does not even bring them above the poverty level.


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