More Facebook Follies

Digital rage is off the chain right now.

Here’s the deal. Police officers are now well aware that social media represents what they refer to as “career survival.”

But for some reason, many police officers still often don’t understand that nothing is “private” on Facebook and that the civilian review board and their supervisors aren’t going to buy the whole “I was just kidding and blowing off steam” excuse.

For some, this is a good thing. Sunlight’s always the best disinfectant, and if cops want to jeopardize their careers by making threats and calling names on Facebook or Twitter, so be it. Who needs internal affairs when some cops will do that job for free?

Others say cops are people too. They have First Amendment rights and shouldn’t be singled out when so many on social media are throwing verbal bombs all day, every day.

In any event, a cop in Chicago has now put himself in the spotlight. What happens going forward will be a lesson in career survival for the younger officers.


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