50 Shades of Crazy


What do you call an undercover state police sting involving alcohol being served during a 50 Shades of Grey screening at an art-house cinema in Idaho?

It’s not a set-up for a punchline—it’s a serious question.

According to KBOI: “An Idaho movie theater company is suing the state police after its alcohol enforcement division tried to revoke the theater’s liquor license for serving booze during the movie 50 Shades of Grey.”

It’s illegal in Idaho to serve booze to people watching movies that show bare boobs apparently.

Idaho State Police says after warning the theater, undercover detectives went there and watched the film. The detectives arrived 40 minutes prior to movie, purchased VIP tickets, and ordered a Blue Moon beer and a rum with Diet Coke inside the auditorium prior to the movie. The two detectives say they continued to consume their drinks after the film began.

“At no time did (the waitress) tell the detectives of any policy against drinking alcohol in auditoriums showing 50 Shades of Grey and she continued to allow the detectives to consume their alcoholic beverages while the film played on the screen,” ISP’s complaint states.

The theater owners say the whole thing stinks of selective enforcement, as there are plenty of other theaters that serve booze and show the same movies that have never been contacted by state police.

“Unfortunately, this code has been on the books for 16 years and this is the first time that the Idaho ABC officials have chosen to enforce the code,” said Dave Corkill, the theater’s owner. “The Flicks has shown hundreds of movies that violate the statute and so has the other movie theaters in Idaho that have an alcohol license and show the same movies that we show. Yet we are the only movie theater that has received a citation. Why that is? We don’t know, but it’s obviously a concern of ours.”

Anyway, the theater’s suing the Idaho State Police.


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