Watchu Gonna Do?


“C.O.P.S.” is a long-running reality TV show that requires no explanation.

Agencies like the idea of working with entertainment and television people because if things go according to plan, the show acts as free public relations for the participating agency.

But not everything goes according to plan.

In addition to several deaths that may or may not have occurred without the television producers and cameras around, there’s a new wrinkle for agencies featured on the show.

According to ABC News:

If the State of Florida’s attempted murder-for-hire case against Dalia Dippolito unfolds like a reality show, maybe that’s because it was made with television in mind.


Dippolito, 33, became the key figure in a special edition of TV’s ‘Cops,’ which worked with Boynton Beach police to show her allegedly conspiring to kill her newlywed husband. But this wasn’t the show she wanted: Her defense lawyers say the entire plot was an act, and that she was performing for police in an ill-conceived attempt to create content for her own reality TV show pitch.”


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