Police Cover-Up


Apologies for the clickbait.

This post is not actually about malfeasance or wrongdoing by police officers.

Instead, it’s about cops being forced to “cover-up” their tattoos due to policy and appearance directives.

If you read, or maybe even subscribe to American Police Beat, you already know that cops in Chicago just had a huge victory in arbitration that allows officers to display their body art with pride.

Sadly, there is no such accommodation for the men and women of the Hidalgo County Sheriffs Office in Texas.

In addition to tattoos, Sheriff J.E. “Eddie” Guerra is also banning some piercings and “extreme or abnormal hairstyles.”

Another candidate for sheriff is making the onerous appearance directives a campaign issue.

Former Sgt. Al Perez, who’s running against Guerra in November, called Guerra a hypocrite, accusing him of violating the Sheriff’s Office policy allowing only “modest mustaches” while cracking down on tattoos.

“Yet his mustache? You can’t even see his mouth,” Perez said.

Guerra dismissed Perez’s criticism, saying that the challenger suffers from severe mustache envy.

“I think someone’s just jealous,” Guerra said. “I’ve had this mustache since 1985.”

So, to sum up, there’s very little discussion of priorities, training issues, or visions for the future of the agency.

Right now, it’s mostly about nipple rings, facial hair, and the rights of the heavily tattooed.


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