New sexting law

The idea that we should charge a 17-year-old girl with child pornography because she sent her 17-year-old boyfriend a topless photo is insane. But that’s sometimes what happens and sometimes it can lead to suicide as it did in the case of Jesse Logan in Ohio.

But in Colorado, some reasonable folks have concluded that there might be some middle ground where authorities could have more leeway in making determinations about what to charge kids with when they get busted “sexting.”

Tad Degen is a school resource officer with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. He says the new law is all about common sense.

“The former law made everything a felony, either possession or distribution of child pornography,” Degen said.

Now police and prosecutors can choose from a list of misdemeanors without having to charge a kid that took a picture of himself in his underwear with felony distribution of child pornography.

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