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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you might have heard something about police officers feeling they’re under attack.

If you go by the numbers, in terms of LODs and assaults on police officers, 2015 does not appear to be a particularly deadly year to be a police officer.

But officer fatalities alone are not driving the impression of increased hostility to police.

Another major factor is the fact that cops are easy and high-value targets politically.

Consider FBI Director James Comey and Chuck Rosenberg, head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

They’ve been all over the place recently, talking about how cops are too scared to do their jobs.

They call it “The Ferguson Effect.”

There is exactly zero evidence that anything of the sort is taking place.

But when you’re the head of an agency with as many personnel issues, to name just one significant problem at the DEA, it’s always smart to run a bait-and-switch.

If you talk about how cops are terrified of getting out of their cruisers, reporters are far less likely to ask questions about federal scandals—and boy, are there a ton of them.

Or consider the presidential candidate commuters and public employees love to hate, Chris Christie.

This guy’s campaign is in deeper trouble than Jeb’s, and that’s really saying something.

So, what does a guy in that position do? He switches the subject to cops.

Christie tried and failed recently to use support for police, which is still there among a majority of Americans, to salvage his trainwreck of a campaign.

He wanted to declare a state holiday (read: no one gets the day off) called “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.”

“There’s a chill wind blowing through law enforcement in this country, where officers do not feel as appreciated or as safe as they need to,” Christie said.

That hustle has worked for decades, but it looks like law enforcement might be growing up a little, in terms of political sophistication.

Patrick Colligan, head of the NJ State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, said in a statement that Christie’s announcement indicates he is “grasping at anything that might possibly give him a boost on our backs.”

Colligan said NJ police “have not felt appreciated by the governor since he took office” as the governor’s policies “have driven thousands of officers to retire, led to hundreds of officers being laid off, and left thousands of officers in danger in understaffed and underfunded departments.”

Colligan asserted there are “simple ways” Christie can show his appreciation for police. “We would appreciate Gov. Christie holding to the sacred trust promise he made when he was a candidate for governor in 2009 and meeting his obligation to fully fund the pension system,” he added.

If that exchange between a pol and a cop was a prizefight, it would be a 21-year-old-Mike Tyson-esque knockout in the first 30 seconds of round one.

Hopefully, this is a sign that the days when politicians can manipulate police and police organizations for their own political ends may be coming to a close.



I find it utterly baffling that law enforcement “leaders” continue to press the claim asserting that street cops are playing it close to the vest and holding back on assertively enforcing laws as they did in the past. It is evidence that they had had their fat butts in a patrol car in a VERY long time. Most cops are fairly straight-forward in their thoughts. Why should they proactively venture into neighborhoods where thugs don’t want them? Sure, take the calls for service which come from dispatch. But, why go looking for trouble. Let the thugs handle life on their own for a while and see where it takes them. Being strictly reactive has these benefits: I won’t end-up on the evening news, I will reduce the chances of getting hurt/killed, I won’t get into trouble with the politicians or the “Black Lives Matter” folks, I won’t lose my job or my pension and my paycheck will be exactly the same as if I had been scouring the hood for thugs. Most cops are letting it ferment. When the liberals have gotten their bellies full of being mugged, robbed and run out of their own homes they just may be ready for cops to return and do what they were trained to do.

Let me review the facts, It’s never been safer to be a COP, felonious deaths as well as assaults against officers are on decline and will be less that last year. Policing doesn’t even rank in the top 10 of most dangerous professions. Police killed over 1010 citizens in 2014 and are on track to exceed that number in 2015 according to the guardian. There is no “war on cops”, its just a convenient narrative that has been created to distract the public about the abuses that SOME officers have committed, an in particular, police shootings of unarmed citizens. We have a policing problem in this country. Our officers are too militaristic, exercise deadly force too often, escalate violence too often and have adopted an attitude where the ends justify the means type of law enforcement. Citizens, through social media, have finally become aware of the abuses that minorities have been complaining about for decades and don’t like what they see from their police. The policing institution is now under scrutiny. Officers are no longer getting the benefit of doubt in use of force scenarios and police leadership if offended by that, officers are offended by that. What better way to fight that scrutiny, than manufacture a false narrative that a “War on Police exist”? Our heroic first responders are being attacked by brutish thugs (code for blacks) for no other reason than being a police officer. Create the narrative that anyone that questions the police are radicals, cop haters, criminals and other euphemisms distract people from looking at the institution of police. That our police officers are now afraid to do their jobs because they are afraid of being filmed. Frankly, if there is some truth to the aforementioned statement, then I’m glad. Perhaps there will be one less citizen that is harassed via “stop and frisk”, or pulled over for a mythical “improper lane change”, or arrested for having a joint, or worse, shot because an officer “perceived” a deadly threat. But those that are truly concerned about our nation’s police, know that the narrative is false, that crime is caused by several factors and that crime is reduced by several factors as well, economic prosperity being one of those along with effective (not abusive) policing. We don’t want more policing, we want effective policing.

I suggest that we consider simply standing back and watching for a while. Let’s see how the folks handle problems on their own. If they don’t like the way we are handling those tasks they haven’t got the guts to handle for themselves, they have no right to complain about how we get the job done. I can stay busy with paperwork. The thieves can settle their own fights.

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