No Give-Backs


From the National Sheriffs Association:

The White House announced the government would no longer provide equipment like helicopters and MRAPs to local law enforcement.

Surplus gear—purchased for billions with taxpayer money and desperately needed by law enforcement agencies—will be scrapped.

Helicopters rescue runaways and natural disaster victims, and MRAPs are used to respond to shooters who barricade themselves in neighborhoods and are one of the few vehicles able to navigate hurricane, snowstorm, and tornado-strewn areas to save survivors.

Additionally, law enforcement now must submit to a rigorous regime of restrictions and conditions on items used to protect citizens.

Tell the White House and Congress to give law enforcement the tools it needs to keep Americans safe.

If you feel like 1033 is critical to your agency and fellow officers, SIGN THE PETITION.


It’s time to end and reverse the militarization of our local police forces. Very few communities need equipment like this, it just feeds the Rambo complex some of our police have adopted

Once again, the Obama Administration shows its true colors. Like many a Chicago gangster the POTUS does not like or trust American law enforcement and is more concerned with an image of “militarized” law enforcement than the practical use of tools already bought and paid for that will be beneficial and not waste the taxpayers money.

Furthermore this article is misleading. The WHITEHOUSE only removed tracked motorized vehicles, weaponized aircraft, firearms and ammunition greater than .50 cal, bayonets, non-cammo BDU uniforms, and grenade launchers. I would prefer that no police department receive a MRAP, although exceptions could be made for areas that truly have a terrorist threat.

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