Out of State

Some states don’t require gun owners to obtain a license, permit, background check, psych eval, or even a note from your parents to purchase and carry firearms. So be careful when you travel to ones that do.

Via Fox News:

A hotel guest was busted when he told staff he forgot to pack his loaded handgun, cops said Tuesday.


Torrie Flock, 23 from Charlotte, N.C., rang front desk reception at the Harbor Motor Inn on Shore Parkway in Gravesend (in Brooklyn) to say he’d left a .45 caliber Smith & Wesson under the mattress in room 218, officials said.


When he returned to retrieve the firearm around 1:30 p.m., cops were waiting and arrested him.


A maid had previously gone in to confiscate the gun, wrapped it in a towel, and handed it over to police.


The firearm had seven rounds in it, according to prosecutors, who said Flock told officers, “I didn’t know it was such a big deal.”


Defense attorney Dara Hebert said her client had just been in town doing “touristy stuff,” like visiting the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.


North Carolina is an “open-gun” state, Hebert added, saying her client did not need a license to purchase the weapon there.


Flock was arraigned on criminal possession of a weapon charges Tuesday, and held on $7,500 bail.


His gal pal and her father, who were in court with him, declined to comment.


In many states you don’t need a license, a permit, background check, a psych eval or even a note for from your parents to purchase and carry firearms. But there are some states that still have some rules (if not laws) so be careful when you travel.


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