Off-duty Troy cop fatally shoots man to stop stabbing, victim in critical condition

TROY NY (WRGB) – An off-duty Troy police officer jumped into action Thursday night, attempting to stop a stabbing in process, according to Troy PD’s Deputy Chief Dan DeWolf.

According to police, the officer was off-duty Thursday night at his home on 17th Street in Troy, when he heard a domestic incident upstairs. He went to investigate, and discovered a 26-year-old man in the process of stabbing a 25-year-old woman.

Police say the officer repeatedly told the man to back off, before eventually firing a shotgun, stopping the stabbing.

Police say multiple people called 911 for reports of the stabbing.

Police say the officer shot and killed the alleged assailant with the shotgun. It is unclear at this time if the shotgun was a personal or service weapon.

“This is a horrific incident for him to have to go through as well,” said Deputy Chief Dan DeWolf. “Nobody wants to wake up in the morning in this case he didn’t even go to work. Work came to him.”

According to police, those involved with the incident were taken to Albany Medical Center. The female victim is in critical condition.

The name of those involved in the incident are not being released at this time. An investigation into the incident and shooting is ongoing.

Deputy Chief Dan DeWolf says even off the clock, officers have a duty to act:

“A regular citizen can retreat. But an officer can’t. An officer has to act. So if this is going on in front of him he has to act.”

Neighbor Mark Miller is glad he did. He says he didn’t even know an officer lived in this usually quiet neighborhood.

“I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to handle the situation like that. I’m pretty sure he wanted to calm the situation. But fortunately he was there,” Miller said.

The District Attorney’s office and the Attorney General’s office are on scene. Since this is an officer involved shooting, the investigation could be run by the AG’s office.

The off duty officer is at the hospital but will he put on desk duty, which is protocol as the investigation unfolds. Police will be investigating to determine if the shooting was justified.

If you or someone you know witnessed any part of the incident please report that information to TPD at (518) 270-4421 or the Rensselaer County District Attorney’s Office at (518) 270-4040

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