Officer Needs Help!

LAPD officer Matthew Medina is a loving husband and father to two daughters and has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia. A life-saving marrow transplant is his only chance for a cure. It was recently National Police Week so we are hoping to share his story with the hope of finding him a match.

Matthew is Filipino, meaning his chances of finding a matching donor range from 72-88 percent. Hundreds of people have already joined the Be The Match Registry in hopes of being a matching marrow donor for Matthew, but doctors have yet to identify a match. Because of Matthew’s heritage, it has made his search for a donor more difficult, which is why we are urgently encouraging as many potential marrow donors as possible to join the registry to help Matthew and all patients in need of a marrow transplant.

We’re hoping you’ll help spread the word, share Matthew’s story and help him (and other searching patients) find a matching marrow donor. You can take action and join the Be The Match Registry as potential marrow donors by visiting In particular, there is a great need for more ethnically diverse and young women, ages 18-35, to join the registry, as doctors request younger donors for their patients more than 95 percent of the time.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Be the Match Registry.

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