Officers and gentlemen

Until we decide to actually grow a pair as a culture and do something about kids getting blown to bits in biology class nothing is going to change.

The best we can hope for is to be inspired by some high school kid reading a powerful speech or finding some solace in small acts of kindness.

Two New York State Troopers recently went into their own pockets to help a kid get a plane ticket to Florida so she could attend the funeral of one of the Parkland Massacre victims who she was close friends with.

New York State Troopers Robert Troy and Thomas Karasinski spotted 23-year-old Jordana Judson crying hysterically as she tried to buy a plan ticket she couldn’t afford.

So the cops decided to help the young woman pay for the ticket.

Thoughts and prayers are nice and everything but they’re not going to get you on a plane to go to a loved one’s funeral.

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