VIDEO: Let’s Kill Cops

There’s been a lot of talk about law enforcement’s response—or more precisely, the lack thereof—out in the boondocks of Oregon, where militia types have taken over.

It’s easy to see the bind cops are in. On the one hand, authorities have to be careful not to spark a bloody firefight and appear to be taking the hands-off approach as a matter of strategy.

On the other hand, if you give these entitled and childish people an inch, they’ll literally take a mile.

Now, there’s another anti-government extremist adventure club, this one setting up shop in Flint, Michigan.

Because what makes more sense than a paramilitary civilian response to a public-health emergency, right?

But there’s an issue that law enforcement professionals absolutely have to consider here.

A lot of the fake “tough guys” that are attracted to these kinds of carnivals are very, very dangerous.

And a lot of them would love nothing better than to murder police officers.

Two of the “protestors” at the Bundy ranch in 2014 did exactly that.

On June 8, 2014, Jerad and Amanda Miller shot and killed two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian before Amanda Miller turned her gun on herself.

Jerad Miller was fatally wounded and later died following a shootout with police.

During the attacks, the couple shouted, “this is a revolution,” and covered the bodies of the officers they’d slain with a Gadsden flag.

Now, maybe the guy in this video’s just a harmless drunken loser looking for his five minutes of fame.

But from an officer-safety perspective, it would be wise to keep close tabs on these individuals.

Better safe than sorry, right?



Any “former military” guys who brag about neck-breakin’ skill, multiple kills, etc. are guaranteed to be making it all up.

Nobody cares about these folks, but they feel like big damn heroes because they throw on fatigues and try to play soldier… They’d be better off playing Call of Duty: people might actually respect their ‘skills’.

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