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During the recent standoff, or whatever it was, that occurred out in Oregon recently, there were allegations that at least one local law enforcement leader was playing for the wrong team.

As a matter of fact, there has been plenty of discussion about how Oregon State Police, federal law enforcement, and others were concerned that Grant County Sheriff Glen Palmer might actually be giving the extremists that took over the federal wildlife refuge intelligence on police strategies and tactics.

Now Bundy, speaking from prison, is saying that he really appreciates the support that sheriff Palmer offered during the whole fiasco that thankfully only produced one death.

“I encourage all people who love freedom to stand with Sheriff Palmer,” Bundy said in a recorded statement posted to his Facebook page while in jail.

Sheriff Palmer had no comment.

“Sheriff Palmer was the only sheriff in Oregon that I know of that did not allow himself to get caught up in the political deception that the people of Burns were in danger while we were at the refuge,” Bundy said. “Sheriff Palmer went to the source and found the truth.”

As for the multiple investigations into Sheriff Palmer, Bundy says agencies like the Oregon Department of Justice have no authority to do anything about anything.

That has to do with his belief that rural county sheriffs are, by law, more powerful than heads of state like the President of the United States of America.

“Law enforcement power in Grant County belongs to the people of Grant County,” Bundy said. “Those people gave it to Sheriff Palmer and they are the only people who can take it away.”

We shall see.


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