blackington_large2Blackinton is the largest manufacturer of police, fire, security, military, and government badges and uniform insignia in the United States.  The company combines old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to produce the industry’s finest quality products.


unnamedShow Pride in Your Heritage and Profession with a Green Badge!

Blackinton’s new Kelly green badge finish is a great way for Emerald Societies, Pipe & Drum Corps, or any police or fire department to show pride in their Irish heritage.

This limited-edition finish can by applied to most Blackinton badge styles.

Order by February 12  to receive your green badge in time for St. Patrick’s Day! 

Contact one of the Blackinton’s authorized dealers or CLICK HERE for additional information.









The Blackinton story:

Our proud American-made brand is inspired by over 160 years of expert craftsmanship and insight gained serving the nation’s leading Law Enforcement, Security, Military, Federal, and Fire Safety departments at the local, municipal, state and county levels.



Although Boston established the first law enforcement system in the 13 colonies during the 1600’s, it wasn’t until 1858 that Boston issued uniforms to their officers. In 1852, the Blackinton manufacturing plant opened in Massachusetts.  How ironic that we share the same treasured history as the local Law Enforcement uniform.  After more than 160 years in the U.S.A. we continue to manufacture our police badges and uniform insignia in the same community that was such an important part or our beginning.


From Blackinton’s inception, our unique craftsman were heralded as the best around. Today we remain the number one choice for police and sheriff badges and uniform insignia by law enforcement professionals everywhere. Blackinton shields, star, sunburst and state specific badges have been the number one choice of Chiefs across the country.  We have provided badges for the largest departments in the country including, but not limited to: Atlanta PD, Boston PD, California Highway patrol, Chicago PD, Houston PD, Massachusetts State Police, New York State Police, and many many more.





Tradition tempered by fine craftsmanship alone could not have secured the respected position Blackinton gained almost at its very inception.  It also required an artistic sense constantly on the alert, appreciative of the trends of the day but without being bound by their dictates, sensitive to new ideas but cautious in acceptance and guided always by a respect for beauty, form and substance in all its creations.

The pieces originating with Blackinton are a direct result of the creativity of its people – each an artist in his own right, carefully chosen for his varied talents and skills. Blackinton is artists, designers, engravers, sculptors and artisans working together to achieve excellence.

And it’s a company that gives back in so many ways. Check out a prestigious award they just won.

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