alamo_city_logo_kDedicated to creating the highest quality jewelry
for our law enforcement customers

People come from miles around to retired San Antonio PD Officer David Putnam’s jewelry store in San Antonio. Everyone knows his jewelry is top-notch quality, but there’s something else that makes it special. Watch what he does on his own dime to honor his fallen colleagues. And one more thing: Alamo City Gold has advertised in every issue of American Police Beat—that’s over 21 years!—so check out his beautiful jewelry and place an order.

“Since 1984 my wife, Charlotte, and I have owned and managed the Alamo City Gold & Silver Exchange. I served as a detective with the San Antonio Police Department for 20 years before pursuing my second passion, creating top-notch jewelry for my law enforcement friends and colleagues around the country. Our creations are one of a kind, handmade, customized designs and are truly some of the best in the world!

“By going to our website,>, you can click on links to your state on the map where you can see if we have done a badge for your agency. If you don’t see it there call us toll-free at 1-866-333-3715 and we will work with you to make your badge.

“Many of our people have been with us for over a decade. We like to think of our entire team as a family. I personally design and build the custom badges as well as other custom jewelry creations.

“Please call us any time, and visit our website for more information on our specialized jewelry selection.”

– David Putnam