back_defense_logoThe Back Defender is the only concealed duty belt suspension system available on the market. Law Enforcement Officers who have used it have reported an 82-100% decrease in pain from symptoms caused by duty belts such as low back pain, knee pain, foot pain, kidney pressure, headaches, sleep loss, fatigue, hip bruising, and leg numbness and tingling. The Back Defender functions like a pair of suspenders, but the difference is it can be worn under your shirt.

Here’s a video of an Officer in California who has been using the Back Defender for about a year now:

A message to you from Back Defense founders Josh Riedel and Robin Putman:

Five years ago our wives came to us with an idea. One is a chiropractor, the other is a physical therapist.
They take care of a number of police officers here in Fort Worth, Texas. Most of them have the same symptoms: L4-L5, or L5-S1 disc bulges due to the weight and tightness of their duty belts. These officers are not allowed to wear suspenders, but we knew that if a device were invented that was worn under the shirt we could help out numerous officers both here and around the world.

We tested over 200 harnesses for two years before we decided to put the Back Defender on the market.  A local police agency was kind enough to put us in a 90-day test. After only 30 days they threw out the study and we were asked to present our findings to the command and staff. That same day they put us on the budget for all new recruits.

Each Back Defender is assembled and shipped when we receive the order. There are currently over 7,000 Back Defenders throughout all 50 states, and 7 countries.

Stay safe out there.

 – Josh and Robin