Strengthening the bond within our law enforcement community

In 1993 we created a symbol for the law enforcement profession that is now recognized nationally. Our goal was to further the bond that naturally occurs within the law enforcement community. The Blue Line Identifier will quickly identify you to other law enforcement officers. Anywhere you travel in the United States, law enforcement officers will easily identify you as a brother or sister officer.


Officers wearing it is one of our shirts, hats, lapel pins, license tag, patches or our reflective stickers for your car, have many stories to tell how they have been helped by fellow law enforcement officers. All levels of law enforcement have purchased and recognize the Blue Line Identifier.

In no other profession can you find the bond that exists between law enforcement officers. We can meet fellow officers from other jurisdictions, states or even other nations and we instantly feel a connection with them. We come in contact everyday with fellow officers and may never know it. That’s what the Blue Line Identifier is all about – identifying you as a law enforcement officer.

The blue line represents each of us who daily protect this nation. The black background was designed as a constant reminder of our fallen brothers and sisters. Together they symbolize the camaraderie we all share.

You must be a certified law enforcement officer to purchase any of the Blue Line products. Department and retail prices available upon request.

– Steve Bollinger, Fulton County Sheriff’s Dept. (Ret.)
Founder, Blue Line Identifier
(Steve served with his agency’s SWAT team for many years)

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