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California Coast University was founded in 1973 to meet the needs of professional men and women from all areas of business, industry, and education whose geographic, professional, or personal time limitations kept them from completing their education. Originally, the University’s goal was to offer distance learning undergraduate and graduate degree programs to working adults who were looking for a realistic method for completing their education without returning to the traditional classroom setting.  That continues to be our goal today, as we support new generations of students to reach their educational goals.


California Coast University’s mission is to offer quality, affordable, flexible, online undergraduate and graduate educational programs in business, criminal justice, education, general studies, and psychology. To do this, we are committed to creating curriculum that is comprehensive and current, and combining it with faculty and staff dedicated to helping our students successfully reach their educational goals. Through this, our intention is to provide a learning environment that is valuable both personally and professionally to our students.


In developing and evaluating programs of study, the University seeks to continually improve its existing nontraditional programs. To ensure ongoing program excellence, responsibilities are shared between qualified faculty and administrative staff.
All degree programs at California Coast University share the following common goals:

  • To enable students to acquire a body of knowledge in a specific discipline.
  • To think critically.
  • To improve student abilities to make significant contributions to the missions of their employers.
  • To use student knowledge to improve the functioning of the communities in which they live and work.
  • To enhance student personal satisfaction.
  • To improve a student’s level of confidence and self-esteem through the accomplishment of long-term academic goals.
  • To provide a pathway for students to continue the pursuit of additional life-long learning experiences.

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