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Law Enforcement, Aviation, Fire, and Park Service Training

California Training Institute’s mission is to be the premier provider of specialized, cutting-edge training products, and safety and risk management services to law enforcementgovernment agencies, and aviation organizations worldwide—using innovative, science-based solutions, and related services that will increase its clients’ productivity and significantly reduce organizational risk.

California Training Institute specializes in law enforcement training that will better prepare your agency to address the greatest threats in law enforcement, including Officer Involved Shootings and Use of Force Incidents.


Human Factors: Threat and Error Management

Threat & Error Management (TEM) training provides participants with a key set of team-based risk management skills and strategies that have been developed to reduce human error and enhance teamwork in high-risk settings. The program is useful in developing an understanding of the nature of human behavior with respect to error. Designed for both management and line employees, the course material is relevant for a wide range of law enforcement professionals including, but not limited to:Sworn Officers, SWAT, Critical Incident Teams, Police Psychologists, Internal Affairs Personnel, Police Trainers, Administration Personnel, Park Rangers, Dispatch, Fire, EMTs, and Aviation Crews. Our training emphasizes a pro-active response to error discovery and/or threat of human error within an organization.

Participants learn how to apply the principles of TEM to predict and identify human error potential encountered in law enforcement operations, aviation operations, and emergency situations. Topics of discussion include Situational Awareness, Stress and Performance, Decision Making, Effective Communications in High Stakes Situations, and Leadership Skills.

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Force Encounters Analysis

Understanding Human Performance During Critical Incidents

The definition of use of force and its application are controversial issues that have confounded researchers and police departments for the better half of two centuries. Now, using sound scientific principles, we are finally able to analyze and determine a multitude of related factors.

What is reasonable? California Training Institute has developed a practical and understandable course on Force Encounters Analysis, based on unbiased scientific evidence pertaining to officer involved use of force (UOF). The primary goals of the program are to encourage LE professionals to apply ground-breaking concepts revealed in tactical science research when engaging in force encounters, AND when investigating, reconstructing, recalling or otherwise analyzing a UOF incident. Concepts include reactions times, perceptual distortions, narrowed vision, and memory gaps.

Force Encounters Analysis will expand knowledge of clear-cut, scientific evidence including biomechanical & cognitive elements. The course work will identify physical and psychological phenomena associated with human behavior, and demonstrate how it can impact performance under stress. Our research focuses on the dynamics of human performance, kinesiology & psychophysiology, particularly connected to the line officer. The science of human dynamics in the midst of a high-stress encounter is information not generally covered in the criminal justice research available. Our course work will help build a bridge between the latest academic research and the law enforcement environment. Force Encounters Analysis will expand knowledge of clear-cut, scientific evidence to include the study of body movements and the mental elements involved in responding to a use of force situation. In short, participants will better understand how human beings perform in force encounters and the implications this may have for their investigations.

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