Keeping the lines of communication open.

From tough city streets to rural highways, Harris provides secure and reliable radios to answer the call when and where you need them. With more than eight decades of experience in mission-critical communication, Harris’ portable and mobile radios empower military, government, public safety, transit, and utility workers around the world.

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With a ruggedness that exceeds military standards, these lightweight yet durable radios provide unmatched interoperability for a range of solutions. The radio you turn to when lives are on the line.

Look what one Marine has to say about the handheld Harris Unity XG-100P radio after one year.

Public agencies of all types rely on Harris to provide them with the interoperable technology they need to communicate with one another seamlessly.

Harris RF Communications is the leading global supplier of secure radio communications, tactical communication networks and embedded high-grade encryption solutions for public safety, military, government and commercial customers.

Internationally, Harris Falcon radios form the foundation for high-performance system solutions that address comprehensive requirements in command and control, homeland security, disaster relief, narcotics interdiction, and other applications.

For instance, the new RF-7800S Secure Personal Radio acts as the hub in Falcon Fighter, a newly introduced soldier system. The company has received numerous testimonials from warfighters telling them their tactical radios are changing the way they conduct their missions, and are saving military and non-combatant lives on the borderless battlefield.

Underpinning the success of our Tactical Communications segment is its commercial business model, which fosters the agility to innovate and introduce new solutions faster than our competitors. Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 125 countries.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has approximately $5 billion of annual revenue and about 14,000 employees—including 6,000 engineers and scientists. Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications products, systems and services.

Here’s what you may not know about Harris . . .

Oakland County, Michigan, runs on Harris’ OpenSky Network:

Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn talks about Harris’ OpenSky Radio Systems:

Background noise overpowering radio calls has been an ongoing problem for Police and Fire Departments, but Harris’ new noise-suppression technology displayed in this video goes a long way toward minimizing the issue.