Created to provide what you need to “Escalate Your Advantage” in the world of Law Enforcement.

Witmer Public Safety Group, the parent company of OfficerStore, operates under the motto of “Equipping Heroes.” Their service to the law enforcement community grows daily with the addition of new and innovative products as well as access to the tried and true manufacturers you have relied upon for years. OfficerStore stands ready to protect and serve those who “Protect and Serve” their communities across the country and around the world.



A personal message from Jim and Ruth Witmer; OfficerStore’s Chairman and President of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.

Jim Witmer and his wife Ruth founded and run Jim says, " No matter how much we grow, a large percentage of our staff will always be active or retired, law enforcement agency members as well as firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics. That’s how we operate…and it’s how we live. We’re colleagues. We’re family."
Jim and Ruth Witmer are dedicated to supporting public safety professionals. They have assembled a staff at OfficerStore that is full of active and retired law enforcement agency members. That’s how they operate…and it’s how they live. They’re colleagues. They’re family.

OfficerStore continues to evolve and expand to better meet the needs of law enforcement professionals.
“Holster Hunter” is a program we worked to build that makes finding the right holster for you and your weapon easy. With three easy steps you can see a complete list of holsters that meet your weapon’s specifications. Simply select your weapon manufacturer, model and any attachments you may have on your weapon – then simply click “Find My Holster.” In less than 2 seconds you will see all the choices you have to choose from. Yes, it’s that easy!
OfficerStore also deliver custom built badges for those with credentials. Their 24-hour portal provides access to custom manufactured badges by Smith & Warren as well as Blackinton, the top names in high-quality crafted badges for every public safety professional and their family too. By using the latest computer programming you can watch your custom badge come-to-life right before your eyes, right on your screen, and you can even print it out if needed.
“OfficerStore is committed to securely serving the needs of public safety officials in a time when positive identification is critical.” “Our extensive experience in the custom badge business is testimony to our ongoing commitment to the evolutionary process required to equip today’s heroes with the best custom badges. By working with local, state and federal agencies as well as our manufacturing partners we continue our collective secure identification confirmation process.” said Jim Witmer, CEO and Chairman of Witmer Public Safety Group, “OfficerStore is positioned to continue our due diligence for those on the front lines, ensuring the public’s safety.”
Body armor and less lethal options, flashlights and weapon accessories, ammunition and a vast array of tools and supplies will fully equip public safety professionals, giving you the advantage you need to get your job done quickly and safely. In addition a full range of duty gear, boots, bags and apparel are also available from OfficerStore.
Large departments, military, and government agencies receive expert support from our team of specialists. We understand that law enforcement officials and agencies utilize large quantities of consumable items and we are positioned to meet your large volume demands and needs in a timely and professional manner. We bring our powerful buying relationships with manufacturers to the table, giving us the ability to supply even more equipment at prices that help you to stay within budget. Our entire team is dedicated to making your life easier and safer. As we grow to serve you better, we build on solid roots.
Our retail showrooms in eastern and western Pennsylvania provide customers the opportunity to see, touch, test, try on, and take home the specialized products they are looking for. Again, each location is staffed with experienced public safety professionals who can educate and help in many ways—even working with manufacturers on specific issues.
As always, we’re prepared to meet or exceed your high expectations in every way. That’s how we operate…and it’s how we live. We’re colleagues. We’re family. We understand your needs. We know our products. And we’ll never compromise on quality.
We wish all the best to you; and we look forward to seeing you soon. Until then stay safe out there.
Jim Witmer, Chairman & CEO
Witmer Public Safety Group

Ruth Witmer, President
Witmer Public Safety Group









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