point_blank_animationOne of the first companies in the United States to design and manufacture body armor, since 1973 Point Blank Body Armor has grown into an internationally diversified company that today is considered to be the premier source of body armor systems in the world.

For four decades, Point Blank has helped shape major developments in the body-armor industry. Our unyielding commitment to delivering maximum-performance protective products that consistently exceed military, National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and International requirements is a testament to our superior quality standards. These standards extend to every facet of our product-evolution process, from the moment a new material is introduced to the rigorous testing procedures performed daily.

Point Blank’s Alpha Elite: Declassified

Point Blank has long-standing relationships with the most prestigious and demanding law enforcement agencies, federal agencies and the United States Department of Defense, due to the quality and functionality of its products and its ability to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations. Outstanding customer service is key to Point Blank’s success and central to its business strategy. The Company’s broad product portfolio, high quality solutions, on-time delivery record, experienced sales personnel and ability to accommodate surges in volume demand are key elements of its consistent service record. Point Blank’s average delivery time continually surpasses the industry average and the Company’s track record of quality and product performance is unsurpassed.

Point Blank’s performance standards continue to exceed industry requirements, as well as our own internal benchmarks because when it comes to ballistic protection, we realize that the very fiber of our existence lies within the lives we will continue to save. This vested interest in providing the highest level of manufacturing excellence and professional integrity is deeply rooted within our corporate culture and collectively defines who we are as a company. Every effort is made to communicate how our products not only perform above and beyond national certification requirements but ultimately saves lives. Our hard-working research-and-development group, manufacturing/production staff, quality-assurance department, customer-service team and extensive network of over 500 distributors nationwide integrate advancements in material science, human engineering and technological precision into each protective product;  develope the safest and most comfortable body armor in the world, and deliver on our guarantee to surpass customer expectations

Point Blank’s executive team brings forth a cross-section of key management and operational skills—military and law enforcement experience, audit and financial expertise, marketing and advertising, and solid corporate governance credentials.

This team, led by Daniel Gaston, CEO, is guiding the expansion of Point Blank Enterprises and its four trusted brands into new international markets and new product lines. Gaston and the Point Blank team are uniquely positioned to drive Point Blank’s success while building confidence among all key constituents—customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

Company-wide focus is fixed firmly on the future and on the never-wavering pledge to product quality and customer service, and most of all, safety.





In the spirit of 1888, after working for half of his life as a custom tailor, Jacob Bistrong made one of his dreams come true. He started his own business of manufacturing custom-made police uniforms. He called his new business Strong Uniforms, and this was the beginning of a close relationship with law enforcement that has spanned over a century. Old man Jacob was a tough and exacting man. His obsession with quality in workmanship had begun with one jacket and one pair of trousers. His talent and dedication spelled success for Strong Uniforms, and as the company grew, he never lost sight of his original standards and values. He instilled these concepts in his children, who succeeded him in business. They, in turn, taught his grandchildren and great-grandchildren those same values of quality and service to law enforcement.

In 1973, with the invention of Kevlar® for use in soft body armor, the Company immediately saw its life-saving potential. The Company began by manufacturing armor as the Point Blank Division of Strong Uniforms, and soon its immediate and continuing success in saving the lives of police and military personnel became a commitment. In order to devote all of the company’s energy and resources to this endeavor, Strong Uniforms in 1976 became Point Blank Body Armor, Inc.

Building on its success in the law enforcement market, the Company’s products were customized to meet the needs of the U.S. Military and government. In 1999, Point Blank Body Armor (PBBA), after years of research and development initiatives, was chosen as the sole-source supplier for the U.S. Military’s Interceptor® Outer Tactical Vest (OTV). The Interceptor® was designed as a continually upgradable, modular soft body-armor system for the U.S. government, particularly the U.S. Armed Forces. The Interceptor® was worn throughout Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq and has been credited with saving the lives of numerous U.S. servicemen and women.

Today, we are proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of police, correctional and military body armor in the world. Making the highest-quality products is just part of the Point Blank legacy of leadership. We have earned this distinction through our pioneering tradition of excellence, which has been supported by an industry-leading research-and-development team composed of chemical engineers, polymer chemists, ballistic specialists, and seasoned law enforcement and military professionals. Our research-and-development team constantly tests and evaluates different ballistic materials and configurations. It is because of our uncompromising dedication to quality and innovative design that our products are recognized as the finest available.