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Police officers have more to do with the state of our nation than any other man on the street today. Police departments around the country are stepping up recruiting, intensifying training, and driving the need for superior personal protective equipment. Body armor made with Twaron® Microfilament Fibers provides state-of-the-art protection. Twaron Microfilament Fibers are made from 1,000 individual filaments — 50% more filaments than traditional aramid yarns. This exclusive technology produces a more comfortable vest and enhances ballistic protection. That’s why ballistic protection engineered with Twaron Microfilament Fibers has become the armor of choice for some of the largest and busiest departments.

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“Twaron Saved My Life”

One normal Sunday in August of 2012, Lt Brian Murphy arrived at the local Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin (USA), to investigate a reported shooting. He encountered Wade Michael Page, who had already killed six people and wounded three others. Within three minutes, Lt Murphy had exchanged shots with Page and been hit by 15 bullets. However, with his ballistic 
vest containing Twaron®, the power of aramid protecting his torso, he survived and made a 
remarkable recovery.
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Our Company

Teijin Aramid, a subsidiary of the Teijin Group an international company that supplies customers throughout the world with para-aramid polymer, yarn, fiber, pulp and tape under the trade names Twaron®, Sulfron®, TeijinConex®, Technora® and EnduMax®. The laboratories and technical service centers of Teijin Aramid are constantly striving to improve strength, safety, heat and flame resistance, lowering weight and increasing sustainability through the performance of our products.

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